Harold J Wilson


About Me

Harold J. Wilson is a retired English Professor and Anglican Clergyman living in Oxford. He was born in NYC in 1934, the son of an Episcopal Clergyman and emigrated to England in his retirement years. He is a poet, a songwriter, a father of two grown sons, Anthony and Laurence Wilson, and is married to retired English teacher Susannah Harris-Wilson, a formidable person. He was largely brought up in the Appalachians and graduated from Williams College in Massachusetts. He has two Master's Degrees. He is from a largely Scots and Irish family background.

Wilson has taught students from the sixth grade to college level adults, served in the Pennsylvania Poets In the Schools program from its inception in 1971 until 1982, and has been a teacher in England, Pakistan and (mainly) Philadelphia where he was a long-time member of the Community College English Department. His interests are in contemporary culture, traditional songs, Jungian Psychology, and a wide range of subjects on which he is opinionated but not particularly profound.

For the purposes of civilised discussion, he may be reached at harj34@gmail.com. If you also are totally opinionated, cantankerous, and/or as curmudgeonly as he is, please don't bother. We have enough of that here already. I don't mind being challenged though. I might even learn something!

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